No Wrong Answers
No Wrong Answers
Your teachers always said they were right...this podcast proves it! 

No Wrong Answers

Your teachers always said they were right...this podcast proves it! 


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The “Civics” Lesson

Can civics class save American democracy? Our teachers say the perennial debate has a new look after Trump’s election. Plus, schools are inequitable but, it turns out, so are PTAs. How this inequality changes the dynamic in schools. Finally, the epidemic of absenteeism.

The “Pensions” Lesson

Retirement. If you’re a young teacher you might not be thinking about it much, but our veteran teachers say you should start right now. Plus, tis the season for snow days. Students and teachers love them, right? Why snow days can be so disruptive. And, homework in kindergarten…is that too young?

The “Renewal” lesson

There is a growing schism among education reformers. One side says schools should be held account for their performance…even to the point of closing them down. The other believes we should give them more resources and funding to see what happens. This conflict has come to a dramatic point in New York City with an initiative called Renewal. New York Times reporter Eliza Shapiro talks with us about what this all means for education reform efforts across the country. 


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